Wayfarer Kush Sunglasses

Wayfarer Kush Weed Leaf Stoner Sunglasses

stoner sunglasses

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Tired of everyone looking into your eyes and knowing that you are high? Well, here is your nonchalant solution. With these stoner sunglasses on, not only will you be less detectable, but you will also look dope. These weed shades have 100% UV Protection, so you can protect yourself from eye cancer as well. These sunglasses are really sweet for the price and my two personal pairs are still going strong after all this time.

ganja shades

Not only do you get cool sunglasses, but you also get this awesome pouch with rasta colors on the front. The pouch is to keep dust, grease, and scratches off of the sunglasses. I like the pouch, but I would recommend a hard case for these sunglasses, such as this one, so that the glasses don’t get smashed or crushed. The actual lenses themselves are made out of polycarbonate, so they are great for activities where you need some sort of non-shattering lenses. The green on the weed leaves of these stoner sunglasses is pretty light, which contrasts nicely with the black on the frame.

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