Marijuana Bluetooth Speaker

Pangea Brands Stoner Toy Marijuana Bluetooth Speaker

stoner toy bluetooth speaker

Play all of you dankest tunes while you are in the shower with this awesome weed leaf Bluetooth speaker! Imagine smoking a blunt, taking a hot shower, and listening to your favorite music all at the same time. It is now possible in the 21st century. This awesome stoner toy has a USB charging port and the actual USB cable comes with it. I’ve bought Bluetooth speakers before and let me tell you. If they don’t give you the cable and you have to actually go out and buy the cable yourself, it is a complete hassle. This product COMES with the cable to there is no nasty hassle that you have to go through in order to get it. This weed leaf stoner toy can either be plugged into and played with a line in or it can be played in a wireless fashion through Bluetooth technology. If you don’t know anything about Bluetooth, it is really easy to set up. And if you can’t figure out how to set it up, luckily this product comes with a great instruction manual that shows you how to set up everything. The back of the product looks like the image below.

back of stoner toy

You can change the volume both on the back of the device, or you can also most likely control the volume with your phone, or laptop, or whatever Bluetooth capable device you are using. The charge lasts quite long and you should be able to play it for the length of a long house party on a full charge. The sound quality is fantastic! I was expecting it to be tinny sounding and not have any bass. All this thing produces is bass. So if you like hip hop, electronic, or any kind of music genre with a lot of bass in it, well, then you are going to love this weed leaf looking Bluetooth speaker stoner toy!

stoner buzz

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