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Stoner Shirt – Smokin’ Jahman

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We just had to post this awesome stoner shirt to the site as soon as we saw it. As many of you may know, The Mountain is a well known brand in stoner wear. This shirt by them is definitely a winner in my book. A lion with dreadlocks, a blunt, headphones, and sunglasses on… I can’t be the only one who thinks that is awesome.

This dope stoner shirt is made from 100% cotton. It is preshrunk and so there is no need to worry about it shrinking up on you after you wash it. The shirt is hand dyed and then the graphic is inked on afterwards which is a pretty cool process that results in the awesome stoner shirt shown above.

Most reviewers say that you should order a size up, as the shirts tend to be larger than normal. However, too big is almost always better than too small. More material for your money, am I right? …No? Ok, well I tried. The shirts are dyed from a water-based ink. This is important because it makes the shirt feel softer. Ever had a shirt that the ink was so thick that it felt like a cardboard sheet was on your chest? Well, the water-based inks in this shirt get rid of that issue. As with any stoner shirts that have a graphic such as this shirt, make sure you that you turn it inside out before you wash it. This is to prevent the logo from wearing off. It doesn’t matter how high quality of clothing you wear, after every wash the logo will wear off a little bit if you don’t turn it inside out.

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