Smoke Smell Eliminator



Smoke Smell Be-Gone!

Tired of your room smelling like weed? Well no worries, because your homies here at have your back. Febreze and other air freshener products may mask the smell of weed a little bit, but Smoke Smell Be-Gone! works a hell of a lot better. This stuff completely kills the smell of not only weed smoke, but it works well for cigarettes also.

It has a nice lemon smell to it that smells like one of those lemon antibacterial wipes that many people use to clean their kitchen with. Also, Smoke Smell Be-Gone doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or phthalates like other sprays, such as Ozium, do. Those who are sensitive to chemicals (I’m sensitive to THC, ha) will love this product. It is one of my go-to stoner accessories.

This spray really is a stoners dream spray because unlike most air fresheners, you can stash it in your pocket, completely unnoticed and if you are a cheap bastard like myself, it also doubles as a nice lemon cologne when you’re on the go. There is no more need to feel paranoid when you are at the gym and you feel like you reek weed, a couple of sprays of the front and back of your shirt and you are good to go. The smell of this amazing stoner accessory is nice, but it isn’t so strong and overpowering that people are going to know something is up. It simply smells like you are really clean. Your nostrils will thank you for not buying a super cheap harsh chemical air freshener. I can’t recommend this product enough to paranoid stoners like myself.

So, if you are looking for a spray that is compact and completely masks the smell of that joint you just smoked, well, look no further because Smoke Smell Be-Gone! is the product for you! Click the buy from amazon button above if you want to purchase Smoke Smell Be-Gone!