Rasta Hemp Backpack



Rasta Hemp Stoner Backpack

Calm down… we know it’s awesome. That’s the reason we put it on our website. Alright, so it looks really cool, but how does it hold up? It holds up perfectly. This “Hemp” stoner backpack is made from 75% wild hemp and 25% Hand Loomed Cotton. It is medium sized, measuring 17″x13″x6″, which is plenty of room for a 15″ laptop and a couple of school books stashed in the main compartment.

This rasta-styled stoner backpack is ideal for school, but it could be used in a ton of different dope situations. For instance, say you and a friend want to go for a smoke sesh, but you are in a public area. No problem, just put all your stuff in this awesome stoner backpack and go for a hike to somewhere private with it.The pack is really light also, with a shipping weight of only 1.7lbs, so it shouldn’t weigh you down too much if you do decide to go for a nice nature hike with it.

This pack fits both genders equally well. If you are an “instagram stoner chick” type, then this backpack will get you all of the attention you desperately crave. This dope backpack will get compliments left and right. Now, instead of all those creepy dudes that hit on you, you will instead get creepy dudes that also smoke trees to hit on you. Score! And for all of my stoner dudes out there, you can let the ladies know how much you love the colors red, yellow, green, and black. Righteous! Kidding aside, this backpack really is a quality item. It isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill, backpack. It is hand made in the mountains of Nepal, very sturdy, and built to last.


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