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Every time you open a beer you can be reminded of what is not only safer, but also, in my opinion, a lot more fun. Don’t get me wrong… I love alcohol, but how many people has weed killed? That’s what I thought. Show your appreciation for this fine herb by picking up one of these awesome Marijuana Leaf Stoner Accessories Keychains. Attach it to your keys so that every time you open up the door to your apartment, you can realize the reason that you still live in an apartment and not some luxurious mansion. Yes, celebrate all of the accomplishing things that weed has given you, such as being able to eat that entire box of cereal without any liquid in an entire sitting. Or perhaps, relish in the regrettable actions you have taken while smoking the stuff, like putting off your homework until twenty minutes before it is due. Ah yes, what a wonderful drug. And now, thanks to this keychain, you can be reminded of it everywhere you go. You’re welcome.

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