Kush Beanie Hat (Tons of Different Colors!)



City Hunter Kush Pom Pom Stoner Beanie

Let people know what you are all about with this dope stoner beanie. Don’t like the color above? No problem, City Hunter has you covered. With a ton of different color options, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one of these! The colors available are shown in the image below.


The quality is great and it doesn’t shrink up since it is made from acrylic. This stoner beanie is nice and thick and will keep you warm for you next trip to Colorado to stash up on legal weed. I personally love beanies because, back in the day, when I was back in high school I would stash a joint and lighter in the fold of my beanie to go smoke with my friends after school. Now you are probably wondering, why didn’t I just stash it in my backpack? Well, my parents were completely against me smoking marijuana and one time my dad went through my backpack and found weed. He grounded me for a good 2 months and forced me to get job, which sucked (To my old coworker Patrick, I hope you burn in Hell, you dick. You were super chill though Louis, we should smoke again sometime bud). Anyway, long story short, I buried my weed stash in a jar and took a joint and lighter to school everyday because I could just take the beanie off and throw it in a hidden location in the garage when I got home. I’m not advocating anyone to do what I did, but it worked really well. Beanies are totally clutch for those bad hair days as well. Did you just get a new haircut that resembles more of a bowel shape rather than a human head? Well then, let me introduce you to a great article of clothing and your next best friend, the beanie.