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Diamond Supply Co. 420 Stoner Shoes

Ok, I get it, shoes are shoes. Most people have a couple pairs. What is the big deal with stoner shoes? One time, my dad told me this story about when he was in college he went to his local sporting goods store, and bought original Air Jordan’s in their boxes for $5 a pair. He bought ten pairs. He was an original stoner back in the day in Los Angeles, California. He loved the shoes, but he couldn’t fit any more stuff in his already cramped apartment.

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He never wore them, so he decided to free up some space by donating them to Goodwill, where some billionaire is probably wearing them today to impress his “altered supermodels” to his coolness. I know, what the hell does this have to do with stoner shoes?! Well, these shoes to me are the equivalent of Air Jordan’s for potheads. You see, there are other shoes with pot leaves on them out there, but none of them are made by reputable brands.

Air Jordan’s were quality shoes made for basketball players. Well, Diamond Supply Co. 420 Stoner Shoes are quality shoes made for stoners. See the relationship? I was just skimming around on the web one day when I saw these shoes and thought, “Dope. I bet they are cheap and fall apart easily though.” Yeah right, I decided to purchase these bad boys and they are still going after wearing them every single day for 2 years strong. Two years in a single pair of shoes that aren’t work boots or cowboy boots is a feat in itself. I would like to give a nice round of applause to Diamond Supply Co. for manufacturing these shoes with the utmost quality.

These shoes have a really nice heel-cup also that really takes down the impact when walking. So if you are a heavyset guy like myself, you will thank Diamond Supply Co. for designing this shoe with a heel-cup.

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