Bob Marley Rasta Smoke T-Shirt

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Bob Marley Rasta Smoke Tie Dye T-Shirt

Show your love to perhaps the best reggae singer of all time and the stunning activist Bob Marley! Not only was Bob Marley an incredible singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist… but just like us, he loved to smoke the herb! Let everyone know what you stand for with this Officially Licensed Bob Marley Rasta Smoke T-Shirt. This shirt is available in Medium to XXL and the rasta colors will really pop to bystanders. You will look like a giant rasta beacon of eye-candy to anyone standing within 50 feet of view. Usually, this site likes to post funny shirts since every stoner likes to laugh, but we feel the shear awesomeness of Bob Marley just had to have a shout-out. Also, isn’t that design just gorgeous? As with any tie-dye clothing, if you decide to purchase then make sure you wash this product on cold in your washing machine so that the colors don’t run. Also, make sure to dry on low heat in the dryer, and never, ever, for the love of Bob Marley use bleach when you wash this shirt! If you like the shirt and love Bob Marley, then this shirt is a no-brainer!