Blunt Roll Hoodie Sweatshirt

blunt stoner hoodie


Blunt Roll Stoner Hoodie Unisex Sweatshirt

First off, this hoodie is ultra-warm. I don’t know about you, but is there anything better than smoking a blunt outside while being wrapped up in a nice and warm thick hoodie? If so, look no further, for I have your solution. This stoner hoodie is made from a cotton blend. What the heck does that mean? It means that it much less likely to shrink up on you after you wash it. Also, isn’t that graphic awesome? If you are worried about the graphic not looking just like the picture then no worries.

I own the sweatshirt and I can tell you that this stoner hoodie comes exactly like it looks in the picture. In fact, I have bought multiple clothing items from Shop4Ever and they have all been fantastic. Just in case you are wondering whether Shop4Ever is just the seller or if it is the actual brand, I can clear that up. Shop4Ever is the actual brand that sells the hoodie, not just the seller. I wear this stoner hoodie during the winter since it is pretty thick and I almost always get compliments when I’m out and about on the town.

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