Blunt Master Stoner Costume

stoner costume

Blunt Master Stoner Costume

You saw it and immediately laughed and thought, “That’s Awesome!” I totally understand. This stoner costume is completely dope. Unless you are going to a Mormon party, you are sure to get a ton of positive comments about how clutch your costume is.

blunt stoner costume dude

I mean, if people are frowning at you at a party wearing this costume, take a look around, are you sure you are at a party? I have to say this because I know some of you guys out there will buy this thing and get incredibly high then accidentally wear it to a funeral or something… which would be pretty hilarious. “I just wanted to say something we all are thinking, Bob probably would have lived a little longer if he wasn’t so angry all the time and smoked the peace pipe a little more often. I don’t mean to be rude, but he was kind of a dick.” That’s a surefire way to make friends. While we are on the subject of making friends, this costume is bound to make you a couple of “like-minded” friends.

blunt master weed costume

I don’t know about you, but if I’m super stoned and I saw some giant blunt in the distance, I’d probably subconsciously want to roam towards it and see if it was just a mirage. Once I found out it was a person, I’d laugh my ass off and make friends with that person. Also, this stoner costume comes with the cool potleaf hawaiian lei looking thing, which is an awesome bonus.

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